Friday, June 13, 2014

Akon 2014 Photos

 Last June, I was able go to Dallas to attend Akon! I was also working at the Bling Up booth, which was super fun. Enjoy :)
Feel free to let me know if you know these cosplayers so I can tag accordingly.

 Bob's Burgers is one of my favourite TV shows! I was super excited to see these cosplayers.

Supernatural cosplayers! Fun fact, I have a major crush on the Dean cosplayer, I see him all the time at Dallas based conventions, I always blush when I see him!

We both had on Tinkerbell!

Bonus Photos:

Me and Miss Lillith in my Daft Punk Helmets!

Us at the Bling Up booth! Would love to work there again.

Photo Credit: Koisplay Photography

~Lapin Chocolat

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