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Hello Everyone!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

OOTD: Milky Berry Princess~

I went with a more princess-y look today for Milky Berry! 
Don't worry, I didn't take the sceptre out with me haha, I just through it looked good for the outfit shot. Minimal makeup for me today, just my lenses and eye liner, I have a long day today!

Outfit Rundown: 

Headband ~ Bling Up
Blouse ~ Handmade 
Sceptre and Ring ~ Bling Up
JSK ~ Angelic Pretty
Socks ~ Angelic Pretty 
Shoes ~ Angelic Pretty

~Lapin Chocolat


Monday, April 27, 2015

Sakura-con Part 4: Cosplays

Hey everyone! Time for the last part of my Sakura-con weekend, the cosplaays! Since I primarily worked that weekend, I didn't actually have a lot of time to go around and take pictures. 
But I loved my Seattle vacation either way! If you are the cosplayer(s) pictured, please comment on this post and I'll credit you~

Loved this group! They did a great job with the signs too :)


What a cute Kyary cosplay! I loved the skirt, so I took a few close-ups of all the junk food packaging!
This cosplayer is !

I really want to cosplay this Kyary outfit now too, just so I can eat all thee snacks ;)

I love seeing Princess Jellyfish cosplays! The series centers around fashion, so I love seeing the techniques used to make the dresses.

Love what she did to the skirt! I had a nice talk with her and she gave me tips on how to make the skirt, I can't wait to make one myself!

Wow, these Mystery Croquettes look so good! I actually didn't know they were from Kill La Kill at first, since I don't really watch too much action-y and  naked-y animes haha.

Ah, Tumblr Executive Suite 2016. 
R.I.P Copy
April 1, 2015 - April 1, 2015

That's all! I'm a bit bummed out I didn't take that many photos, since there were so many cool cosplays! Maybe next year~

~Lapin Chocolat

Thursday, April 23, 2015

OOTD: Mahou Kei and Fairy Kei Inspired featuring Angelic Pretty

Hello everyone! Had a pretty good Free Museum Day~
I leaned towards a more spank/mahou kei inspired outfit today, what do you think?

Outfit Rundown

Top ~ Handmade 
Skirt ~ Angelic Pretty
Socks ~ Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Shoes ~ Angelic Pretty

~Lapin Chocolat

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Artist Appreciation: Interview with Apple Atti of the Farmland Monsters

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my second Artist Appreciation interview. This time around, the artist that is featured is an artist I recently met at Sakura-con 2015, Apple Atti, the creator of the Farmland Monsters
I recently mentioned them on my Sakura-con Part 2 blog post that includes pictures of their booth space.
Out of all the artists I had a chance to admire, Apple Atti was most memorable!

Me: Who are you and what do you do?
Apple Atti: My name is Atticus Diablo Waller, but most folks call me Atti! I'm a super-sincere, neurotic Canadian-American manic pixie dream trans girl living in Seattle, Washington, USA. I do a lot of things (sing, dance, draw, play Pokémon, make music, make comics, write stories and poetry, etc.) but my main passions are 1) practicing unconditional love and radical honesty, and 2) obsessing over monsters. When I'm not ravenously searching for new creature design artwork, creature design books, or kaiju toys for my collection, I'm usually working on Farmland Monsters, my original monster encyclopedia project that I've been working on since 1999, when I was nine years old. I haven't changed much, and I'm proud to be continuing the work of my child-self.
Me: Why do you do what you do?
Apple Atti: I do what I do because of a combination of being obsessed and fortunate. Thanks to the support of amazing friends and family, I've been able to live a stable life and be who I naturally am, and that frees me up to let my mind wander and get fixated on stories and weird creatures.

Me: How do you work?
Apple Atti: Most of my drawings begin as a concept—either as an idea of something I want to see in the world, or as an illustration for a story in my head. I rarely doodle without something specific in mind.

Mold Ogres
This picture shows a scene from my passion project, Farmland Monsters: 
a multi-generational family of mold ogres enjoying sunset in the 
I originally designed these monsters in a sketchbook that I filled in 
one week to give to an artist I admired. He ended up not taking 
the sketchbook, so I took it home again and made something of the 
creatures I'd drawn in it, scanning my pen sketches from the 
book into Photoshop and building up this piece around them. 
Creating this finished scene was relaxing and fun
because the colours here are a favourite combination. I've been using 
since I was a child, so I felt familiar with them already.

If I'm drawing a stand-alone character, I usually either begin drawing right in Photoshop, or I use pen and paper for my line art. I never use pencil, so sometimes I draw the same character hundreds of times, trying to get the perfect line art without a sketch. I don't know why I do that. It's just how I've always worked. Once I've finished the line art, I scan it, clean the scan, and I always colour my drawings digitally. If I'm drawing a more complex piece, with scenery, I usually do a rough thumbnail sketch of the layout in pen, scan it, trace the scan in Photoshop, and then clean up the trace and add colour. I often combine methods and digitally drop standalone character drawings into separate scenery drawings.

In Photoshop, I rarely use more than four layers: a line art layer, a mask layer for line colour, a fill colour/shadow layer, and a low-opacity layer for highlights or additional shadows.

From start to finish, I usually take somewhere between 5 and 24 hours of actual drawing to complete a piece, but I stretch that out by taking lots of breaks—it's hard for me to do one thing for more than 2 hours at a time, so I either take lots of breaks or, if I'm smart, work on several different projects at once so I can jump between them when I get antsy. I drew a comic about my distracted drawing process once:

Me: Would you consider yourself a full-time artist? If yes, what are the joys and struggles that you have experienced in choosing that career? If not, what is your full-time career and how much does your artist side integrate in your life?
Apple Atti: I do art all the time, but not professionally. I used to do freelance graphic design, but while compromising with clients' needs can be a stimulating challenge, it's also exhausting. These days, I work full time from home as a customer support specialist at an online education company. Working from home means that during my breaks I have all my art supplies with me and can spend little moments drawing—and I can even practice singing! This, along with the encouragement, support, collaboration and inspiration I get from tumblr followers and the art club I'm a part of (, has made art almost as big a part of my daily life in my mid-20's as it was when I was a homeschooling teenager.
In Aldo's Bag
This picture shows another character from Farmland Monsters, Aldo the Blue Witch, and the myriad contents
of their traveling bag. I always love seeing people draw the contents of their handbag, and I thought it'd be fun
to try with a fictional character. While the sheer amount of linework in this piece was time-consuming to
complete, it was very meditative to come up with each item as I went along, fitting them together like puzzle
pieces. Many of the items shown were invented for this piece, but a fair number of them already have a secret
significance to the Farmland Monsters world. Originally, this piece was much more colourful, but it felt incoherent
that way, so with a lot of help from my younger sister Soraya, I narrowed the colours down to blue and yellow
(and their mix, green). Working with so few colours was a real challenge for me, but I like the finished result!

Me: How has your practice change over time/How has your style changed?
Apple Atti: My artwork has always been primarily focused on character/creature design (my first recorded drawings were of flamingoes and frogs). By the time I was twelve, I had an meticulously simple character design style with rounded shapes, designs boiled down to minimal elements, and a total focus on cuteness. I saw this streamlined style as "striving for perfection", but eventually realized how limiting it was. At 14, I realized while making Halloween decorations that I was incapable of drawing anything frightening, and with years of practice taught myself to draw hideous creatures as well. My style lost some simplicity in the process, but I still preferred more artificially honed designs to free-form, organic ones. Then I went to design school, and emerged exhausted by the rigour of design, and desiring less polished work. For a year or two, my art was little more than frustrated scribbles, but eventually I developed a more relaxed style that still made use of my steady curving lines and blend of horror and kawaii. Right now, I'm practicing integrating scenery into my drawings, instead of always placing characters on stark white backgrounds. No matter what I draw, though, a major focus of mine has always been getting lost in the small details and finding a
meditative state.
Sale of a Plains Beast
This picture shows another scene from my Farmland Monsters project:
a family of Hin attempting to sell a massive Plainsbeast to another
Hin individual on the plains of the Manibodan steppe. This piece started
as a rough pen sketch of the Plainsbeast alone, which I scanned and built
around. Finishing the linework was a normal five-hour job, but the
difficulty of balancing so many soft and similar colours, while attempting
 to let the foreground stand out and the background fade into the distance,
proved difficult for me and dragged the creation of this piece on for over
 24 hours of drawing time. My favourite parts of this piece are small
 details, like the faint lightning and arguing kaiju behind the mountains.

Me: What themes do you pursue/What is the inspiration or story behind your art style?
Apple Atti: My style is a result of striving to express life, movement, and emotion without being too hard on myself or striving for realism, and of growing up using pens instead of pencils and therefore being unable to erase or revise. It's also hugely influenced by my friends and family. If you like my work, I suggest exploring the work of my friends, tumblr users guinnesswalleranimation, butterbeanbun, llliq, qt-milk, gumdropghost, tuesday-cat, huliia, checkok, hpdoodles, ambafius, vavarazzi, skronked, and caplori. I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting here, too... >_<

Major themes in my work are biology and ecology. When I say I'm interested in character design, a huge part of that is the concepts and stories behind each character. My passion project, farmland monsters ( became an encyclopedia because I can't draw a monster without fantasizing about its life cycle and role in an ecosystem. Farmland Monsters is comprised of countless stories of individual creatures and people that I've woven together into a complex and integrated world. I look forward to eventually sharing everything from fantasy biology essays to epic creation myths through this project.

Me: What’s your favourite of your own art work/which print means the most to you?
Apple Atti: The artwork that means the most to me is still in progress—it's the world of Farmland Monsters as a whole, and all the drawings and writing that will go into it. I've only just started publishing that, but there's over 800 monsters, characters, and myths lined up to be released.

In terms of individual drawings, the varied and dramatic reactions people have had to my drawing of Venusaur ( have made it close to my heart.

Aside from that, I'm usually most proud of whatever I drew in the last month or so. Right now, that's prints like "Mold Ogres" ( and "In Aldo's Bag" (, and standalone character illustrations for Farmland Monsters, like my drawings for Yaia ( and Olgooey-Khorkloy (

Me: Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?
Apple Atti: When I was in the final quarter of design school, I went to get my portfolio professionally reviewed, but hadn't received my business cards back from my printers yet. Panicking, I improvised and hand-drew a bunch of business cards, which I gave out to each reviewer at the portfolio review event. Everyone commented on them, and some of the reviewers made it to my end-of-quarter portfolio show, still remembered those cards, and preferred them to my printed business cards. To this day, I hand-draw all of my business cards instead of printing them. A lot of inspiration comes from mistakes like that.

Me: Why art?
Apple Atti: I have an extremely broad definition of art, so I kind of see it as an inherent part of human life. To me, art is essentially the act of a human reinterpreting their experiences, surroundings, and thoughts through acts of creation—and sometimes, the reinterpretation itself is what's created (as with found art). I make art to entertain myself, to communicate, and to comment on what interests me and on the correlations I draw between different concepts.

This animated gif of Yaia, the giant decapitated space giant in
whose flooded brainpan the Farmland Monsters live, was
something I drew for the front page of
I've gone through dozens of redesigns of the planet for this project
over the past 16 years, and was inspired to set it on a giant head
after seeing the trailer for the film Guardians of the Galaxy.
Most of the planet's previous designs have left their mark on the
final, but the details of how are something I'll have to reveal later...
The "floating head" concept went through many iterations as well,
but I love drawing folds of fat, and felt this robust shape
looked bountiful and welcoming.

Me: What is your artistic outlook on life?
Apple Atti: I think of the artistic outlook as a great sister to the scientific outlook on life—or possibly an alternate form of it.
A scientific mind is driven by a curiosity about what's out there and how it works and came to be, and as it learns more, it's inspired by the correlations between the things it learns to combine pieces of knowledge into tools for obtaining more knowledge.
An artistic mind is inspired by the things it learns to talk about and share knowledge and experience, and it's also fascinated not only by what is out there, but by what's not out there. An artistic outlook lets me go in between fact, weave around what I've learned, and imagine impossible things—but this fantastic theorizing can often feed back into a scientific outlook by suggesting experimental pathways beyond the immediately logical ones.

Me: What memorable responses have you had to your work?
Apple Atti: I love hearing people squeal, laugh, or retch when they see my Venusaur drawing, and it's always memorable to me when people like my original work more than my fan art. But the most impactful responses to my work have been from my friends and family, for example:
- My grandfather going so far as to financially support my art projects
- My sisters Guinness and Soraya counting me among the biggest influences on their early artistic development
- My friend Erin maintaining a correspondence with me for over a year, during which we wrote each other dozens of poems
- My friend Bunny being inspired in part by my drawings to break out of realism—they've since developed some truly fantastic creature designs
- My friend Miguel claiming me as his muse—honestly I don't think it's my drawings that lead him to say this, but I feel it had something to do with some form of my creative output.

Me: What do you dislike about your work?
Apple Atti: I dislike the areas in which my lack of skill blocks me from drawing what I have in mind. Right now, my biggest challenges are drawing human bodies and faces, and learning how to balance colour throughout images with high levels of detail and multiple layers of background scenery.

Me: What do you like about your work?
Apple Atti: I like how naturally I'm able to express a sense of life and movement in my drawings, and how smoothly and organically I'm able to produce lines. The latter is something I not only find nice to look at, but also find spiritual pleasure in producing. Putting a pen to paper and chasing a curving line in a single, fluid motion is so much fun.
003 Venusaur
This Venusaur was drawn for When I was a kid, I was really fascinated by Mitsuhiro Arita's illustration on the Base Set Venusaur trading card—it's stomach is so large that it's flat against the ground, and it had such solid rolls of flesh under its chin—it seemed monstrous in a way that really inspired me. Years later, when I drew this Venusaur, I remembered that and drew Venusaur overgrown and heavyset. As I kept trying to bring balance to the picture, I spread Venusaur's body further and further outwards until it became almost a puddle of Pokémon.

Me: What is your dream project?
Apple Atti: My monster encyclopedia, Farmland Monsters, has stood the test of time and become a childhood dream I'm fulfilling as an adult. I've been designing monsters and writing stories about their biology for the past sixteen years, and the world they live in has become so complex that it's hard to show restraint now that I'm finally sharing it. I hope that I can keep up with a weekly update schedule, and eventually demonstrate to my readers how every monster article is connected to dozens of others through a huge surrealistic ecosystem. If you're interested in this project, please visit, or follow

(✿◠‿◠) Special Offer (◡‿◡✿)

I've also written and illustrated a 16-page booklet introducing this project and some of its inhabitants, and I'm offering
 it as a free PDF download to the first ten readers of this interview who use the offer code "lapinchocolat" at:

Thank you all so much for reading! I had so much fun learning more about Apple Atti and theFarmland Monsters! 
Make sure to check out Apple Atti's tumblr, the Farmland Monsters tumblr, and the official Farmland Monsters website~
Don't forget to check out the special offer located right above!

Any artists you think I should check out? Email me or drop me a message on any of social networking sites!
Have a great day chocoholics! 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sakura-Con Part 3: Blue C Sushi

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Part 3 of my Sakura-con/Seattle Adventure. On this post, I want to highlight the restaurant that I spent my entire week splurging in, Blue C Sushi! 
Blue C Sushi is a sushi train restaurant with many locations along the west coast. What makes them different from other sushi trains is their style! They had such a great atmosphere, and really nice wait staff. Here are a few pictures of colorful and fun restaurant~
Sorry for the slightly lower quality photos, the lighting was a bit dim!

One thing I wanted to highlight was the waitstaff! They were all very sweet, and really energetic!
I was here during Sakura-con weekend, so the waitstaff were all in cosplay! They looked so cute~

Now introducing, the food~!

Along with the well-known suhi and sushi rolls, they also had a lot of special Blue C Sushi specialties! I wish I could've taken more pictures of the food, but I was with company and we were all so hungry haha!

They even had their desserts on the train! They were pretty good, I ordered an off-the-train menu item. I can't remember the name, but it was some sort of tempura fried brownie in ice cream (how good does that sound?).

I'm getting hungry just remembering this place! I'll be sure to come back again next time I'm in Seattle~

Bonus! They have a tiny little table that has a "Build-Your-Own-Take-Out" section! How clever it that? I was way too stuffed to even think about take out, but I think it's such a great idea~

Now for my favourite part, the decor!
I asked the one of the servers, and she said that they were done by a local artist. It was traditional Japanese pop-culture with the a street style feel~

Took me a bit to realize this was an art piece haha, but look how cool it is? Whenever I watch anime, I always wonder how their vending machine drinks would taste like (especially all the coffees, it's like an iconic anime drink!)

They also had a collection of these cute Japanese Fashion girl paintings!
This one represents the Japanese school uniform fashion, it isn't just limited to seifukus~

I'm actually not sure what this style is! It could possibly be fairy kei, but who knows, it's adorable either way~

Cutie decora! And also loved all the little Japanese culture/pop-culture items they sprinkle around the restaurant!

Speaking of randomly sprinkled in items, I found a Domo doll on the light fixture!
I wonder if it's ever fallen...

Here is the last cutie, a "gothic loita" inspired outfit!

Along with those cute fashion girls, they also had a set of detailed paintings that are super reminiscent to Martin Handford's art style (the writer and illustrator of Where's Wally/Waldo).
Instead of Wally/Waldo, they feature different well-known Japanese pop-culture characters in stereotypical Japanese streets that personally remind me of the locations from Tekkonkinkreet.

Do you see what I meant by all the pop-culture references? Remember, these were custom made for Blue C Sushi! I really want to find out who the artist is...

Bonus: Over-head Projector Screencaps!

Another thing that Blue C Sushi has is this super cool projector! It shows lengthy clips of Japan and its people just living their lives. I couldn't take a video of it all, but have some of my favourite moments~
In all honesty, I only took pictures when I saw lolitas on screen!

Cute old-school lolitas!

Old-scool punk and gothic lolitas~

More old-school cuties! Makes me really want to try out old school~

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you guys come and visit this adorable restaurant. 
Make sure to ask for the server, "Karen", she was super nice!

Have a great week everybody!

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