Monday, February 23, 2015

10 Dripping/Melting Themed Accessories/Jewelry, Clothing and Furniture!

10 Dripping/Melting Themed Accessories/Jewelry, Clothing and Furniture!

Since I've mostly stopped wearing wigs, I've become accustomed to wearing my hair up in a bun, but since that is usually too simple for the rest of my outfit, I've now been adding adorable bows such as these from Bownuts! They have a lot of different bow themes, see if there's one you like! 

This shop is best known for their magical girl laser cut necklaces, but this is one of my personal favourites! Laser cut jewelry is a personal weakness of mine, and SDD has great quality items, I recommend her for any of your magical girl needs~

One of my favourtie purchases! I use this and the matching panties as comfy house wear! This shop has a huge variety of other crop top + panties, there's bound to be one you'd fall in love with!

The matching bottoms! They're super soft and super comfy, and oddly enough, matches my wardrobe haha!

These tights are so unique! I believe that Haley Williams wore a pear of these tights in the Still In To You Music Video. Careful though, because of how these tights are made, your size is VERY important!

Everyone loves a good sweater! They only have this pastel pink color, but also take custom orders for other colors and sizes :)

This one really makes me reminisce of the 90's for some reason! It comes in many different colors, such as blood red, to create a really gruesome accessory! I like mine in pink though, it reminds me strawberry frosting!

I ADORE this design! It also comes in yellow, green, black and red to match whatever roomm decor you manage to have. What I did is that I spay painted mine white to match my pink x white room colors~

Made of solid sterling silver and comes in three finishes: silver, rose, and gold! I personally prefer the gold hehe. The price might seem a bit steep for my younger readers, but be aware that this is a very high quality design made of top of the line material by a great designer! Saving my paychecks for this one.

  • Georges Chakra - Couture - Spring-Summer 2011
I saved the best for last! Georges Chakra is one of my favourite designers, and after seeing this dress I now know my true dream dress. This dress will make King Midas jealous. Remember, this is haute couture meaning this dress is custom fitted to the customer, someday I'll definitely visit Chakra's couture house!

Thanks for reading, I hope I managed to inspire you to experiment with a new motif! Happy shopping~ 

~Lapin Chocolat

Monday, February 9, 2015

10 Cute Doughnut Themed Clothing and Accessories

10 Cute Doughnut Themed Clothing and Accessories 

This 10 of  the week's theme is Doughnuts! I love that doughnuts are a thing in street fashion! They're one of my favourite motifs, here are 10 of my favourite doughnut items on the internet! Hope you can make fantastic doughnut outfits.

Isn't it cute? I actually own this one myself and coord a lot of doughnut outfits with it.

Here is one of my doughnut outfits using that Tokidoki Headband

They actually have a big line of doughnut accessories which include ear studs, collar tips, bracelets and a non-bitten necklace. Also comes in different "flavours".

Isn' it cute? I'm a big fan of skater dresses because of how flattering they are! This dress is currently on sale at Asos.

You can custom order initials! I prefer just "donut", but I will definitely buy again for my own custom initials!

They look so polished and professional! Also very petite and adorable, great for a small statement piece!

This is one of my favourite from this list, I just wish there were longer winters here in Houston! The crochet pattern for this is also floating around Etsy if you feel like making it yourself!

New Look always have a great selection of quirky clutches, I wish they had a US branch so I can save on shipping (luckily my boyfriend is in the UK hehe).

This brand always have the funniest socks! Quirky socks are the best haha.

Sheena has adorable food accessories, check her out ok? This doughnut clip is on my wishlist!

Last but not least, this adorable Donut Bag! It's very roomy and very versatile. This will be an amazing statement piece!

Thanks for reading! I can't wait to see these guys in action, I hope I find some really good doughnut outfits~

~Lapin Chocolat


Thursday, February 5, 2015

10 Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Dessert Lovers

10 Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Dessert Lovers

My first 10 of the week post! Valentine's Day is next week, have you gotten your significant other something yet? Here are 10 adorable food themed jewelry for anybody who loves desserts as much as I do! Get them while they're in the Valentine's Day season! I made sure to keep things handmade, always try and support small business ok?

Adorable pink macaron heart! It's simple, cute, and definitely something your special sweets loving person.

It has multiple flavours, which one is your favourite?

I love the colors (funny enough though I don't like raspberries)! The ring is also adjustable to fit a wide array of sizes,

Recommended for anyone who loves to bake!

Subtle and simple, but still cutely delicious. Plus, it's also great to wear even after Valentine's Day!

Comes with a precious Eiffel Tower charm!

Very unique style of earrings, plus they're on sale!

I love the ribbon and the ruffles! It really adds that extra romantic touch.

I usually don't like tarts, but I love this ring! Even has a touch of powdered sugar.

Last but not least, couple/best friend necklaces! This is my favourite from this entire list because it''s basically a gift for two people haha~

Thanks for reading ya'll! I hope I cane help make your special someone(s) happy this Valentine's Day. Good luck ;)

~Lapin Chocolat

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Houston Macaron Day at Tout Suite Cafe

Today is Tout Suite Cafe's birthday! They celebrated with $1 macarons!
Tout Suite Cafe is located in Houston, Texas behind the Minute Maid Park. My dad told me it was actually built in an old Ford dealership! 

Photo Credit: Tout Suite Cafe

Beautiful Valentine's Day themed macaron tower!

 There were so many flavours, they even sold out of some of them. Sad I couldn't try the Eggnog or S'mores!

Look to the left at the heart shaped macarons! I'll probably get some next week hehe...

 Strawberry, Coconut, Salted Caramel, Peppermint, and Chocolate!

Happy Macaron Day! I actually didn't know this was today, I just happened to be surfing Facbeook while in the area! Lucky aren't I?

Aaahh they're so pretty!

Now, time for all the other pastries! They had so many different desserts, I really should come back to try the rest.

 Look at all of them! Which wold you order?

 I totally thought the Salted Caramel Peanut Tart was a super doughnut haha

 The fruit tarts were so pretty!

Pot of  custard correct? I really wanted to try these, but I spent my money on macarons already! 

 The cookies came in adorable jars, and I love all they're mini chalk signs!

 Even their tonics are cute!

 I really didn't expect them to have this much of a variety, everywhere I turn there was a new thing I wanted to eat!

 A whole section of cupcakes, this place is going to be the death of me.

After about 45 minutes (there were so many people for Houston Macaron Day), I finally got my macs!

This box had Honey Lavender, Pistachio, Creme Brulee, and Cookie & Cream!

And this one had Red Velvet, White Chocolate and Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Rose, and Green Tea!

Jealous guys?

Tout Suite is definitely a Downtown Houston destination I have to go back to!
Check it out, they also have really handsome baristas!

~Lapin Chocolat


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