Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sweet Hexenhaus and Ghost Town

Me and Miss Lillith for a special filming and photoshoot for Bling Up! These were also our outfits for Akon25 Sunday. We went with a dark and a sweet witch theme using “Merrymaking in The Ghost Town” by Alice and the Pirates, and “Welcome to The Sweet Hexenhaus” by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright!

The good and bad witch?

Outfit Rundown

Witch Hat ~ Commissioned 
Blouse ~ Alice and The Pirates
JSK ~ Welcome to The Sweets Hexenhaus
Socks ~ Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Boots ~ Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Scepter ~ Bling Up

~Lapin Chocolat

Friday, June 13, 2014

Akon 2014 Photos

 Last June, I was able go to Dallas to attend Akon! I was also working at the Bling Up booth, which was super fun. Enjoy :)
Feel free to let me know if you know these cosplayers so I can tag accordingly.

 Bob's Burgers is one of my favourite TV shows! I was super excited to see these cosplayers.

Supernatural cosplayers! Fun fact, I have a major crush on the Dean cosplayer, I see him all the time at Dallas based conventions, I always blush when I see him!

We both had on Tinkerbell!

Bonus Photos:

Me and Miss Lillith in my Daft Punk Helmets!

Us at the Bling Up booth! Would love to work there again.

Photo Credit: Koisplay Photography

~Lapin Chocolat

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