Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lapin Chocolat's Lolita Wardrobe 2015

This is my first wardrobe post. I 90% winged it when it came to categories, hope you enjoy it anyways! 
  I've been into lolita since 2012, but I only becamse a daily lolita last year. I hope to keep expanding my wardrobe until I never say "I have nothing to wear" ever again haha. A big thank you to my parents, my best friends, and my boyfriends for supporting my wardrobe this past year. I would have never made it without you guys! Now enought with the sentimental stuff, let's get down to business.



Angelic Pretty

wardrobe 009_副本 wardrobe 010_副本


Angelic Pretty

wardrobe 001_副本 wardrobe 004_副本 wardrobe 006_副本 wardrobe 007_副本 wardrobe 002_副本? wardrobe 003_副本 wardrobe 006_副本nnn wardrobe 011_副本 wardrobe 010_副本mmm 

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

wardrobe 008_副本 wardrobe 005_副本wardrobe 004_副本j wardrobe 007_副本cxz wardrobe 011_副本re 

Alice and The Pirates

wardrobe 015_副本 

Innocent World 

wardrobe 012_副本dggd 


wardrobe 012_副本 

Chess Story

wardrobe 008_副本fsdf


Angelic Pretty

wardrobe 014_副本 

Innocent World


Alice and The Pirates, Innocent World, Angelic Pretty

2015-01-30 wardrobe_副本

Offbrand, Handmade by Doll Antoinette
2015-01-30 wardrobe1_副本


Angelic Pretty

2015-01-30 wardrobe3_副本


Angelic Pretty, Offbrand

2015-01-30 wardrobe4_副本


Angelic Pretty, Baby, Offbrand

2015-01-30 wardrobe2_副本 

My categorization sort of gets messy fom here or on, sorry! 
  Headbands - Angelic Pretty, Baby, Pixie Bunny, Toki Doki

wardrobe 050_副本

Deco Headbands - Hexenhaus, Bling Up

wardrobe 051_副本

Bonnets - Baby, Reve Lullaby
wardrobe 060_副本

Berets - Baby, Swimmer, Angelic Pretty
wardrobe 049_副本

Headresses - Commissioned, Bella Bows
wardrobe 062_副本

  Tea Parties - Angelic Pretty, Emily Temple Cute
wardrobe 037_副本

Heeled - Angelic Pretty, Jellybean
wardrobe 038_副本

Boots - Angelic Pretty, Baby
wardrobe 040_副本 You can see how much I wear the cream Baby boots! They're so comfortable, I feel terrible for wearing them so often. I'll be getting them refurbished soon though!
  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
wardrobe 042_副本

Q-Pot, Emily Temple Cute, Milk
wardrobe 043_副本

Modcloth, Nasty Gal, New Look, Betsey Johnson
wardrobe 044_副本

Evil Live, Betsey Johnson, Disney x Loungefly
wardrobe 047_副本

  Angelic Pretty
wardrobe 071_副本

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
wardrobe 069_副本

Emily Temple Cute
wardrobe 068_副本

wardrobe 072_副本
  Clips/Pins - Shojo Monsta, Dearie, Angelic Pretty, Offbrand
wardrobe 067_副本

Wristwear - Q-Pot, Bling Up
wardrobe 085_副本

Rings - Offband, Bling Up
wardrobe 073_副本

Earrings - Bling Up, AddicTokki
wardrobe 076_副本

Necklaces - Baby, AddicTokki, Bling Up
last 001_副本 The bear pearl necklace by AddicTokki is something very special to me. I was hit with some really bad news that day, so my boyfriend went off and bought it for me as a feel better present! I always wear it when we're out on dates. 
  Scepters - Bling Up
wardrobe 057_副本

Earmuffs and Scarves - Offbrand, Swimmer, Twinkie Chan
wardrobe 065_副本

Misc. Accessories: Muff, Parasol, Wristcuffs - Baby, Angelic Pretty, Bling Up
wardrobe 064_副本


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Hope you liked my wardrobe post!

~Lapin Chocolat



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